Jodi Callaway ColeI focus my legal practice on defending people accused of state and federal criminal offenses. Whether you have been charged with a felony or misdemeanor, I will provide the thorough and forceful representation that you need.

Your interests come first, above my own, the prosecutor’s, or the judge’s. I have been told by a federal magistrate that I am known for not giving the government an inch, but that they cannot hate me for it. I think that this reputation comes from treating every person with respect. That being said, every person makes mistakes, regardless of their position in the judicial system. Worse, some people in positions traditionally assumed to be of honesty and integrity will cheat and lie on the stand. Everyone is human, and the desire to win and emotion can supersede the desire for justice. I will call anyone out on these issues. I demand that my client be treated with respect, regardless of their charged offense.

I have always stood up to bullies. I am unapologetically persistent and unrelenting in the representation of my clients. A reasonable approach is often the best catalyst for the most favorable result for my client. However, if this approach will not work, a hard hitting approach is required. An excellent defense attorney is capable of being both reasonable and forceful. I take pride in being known as possessing both of these practice traits.

I practice law with caution, confidence, and trust in my abilities. My legal practice has always been defense oriented. There are no “bad facts” but rather facts beyond change. I do not refer to complaining witness’ as “victims”. My clients are presumed innocent. If my clients are not innocent of certain aspects of a charged offense, anything my clients tell me will be confidential.

I have never prosecuted people, on principle. There is a myth that former prosecutors are better criminal defense attorneys. This myth is not true. If I ever need legal representation, I would personally prefer a lawyer who has always been committed to defending people.

Licensed to Practice Law State of Texas, 2004
United States District Court, Western District of Texas, 2005
United States District Court, Northern District of Texas, 2009
United States District Court, Southern District of Texas, 2010
United States Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit, 2007
United States Supreme Court, 2008


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